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Let's scale and manage your
business with Dubsado

Helping solopreneurs and small business owners structure their dubsado system so they can serve their clients at the highest, most efficient level. 
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Do You Ever Feel This?


You’ve got clients, a working business, and you're growing. But things feel unstable.


Spend more time on billable ​tasks. DIY is clashing with yo​ur night's rest.


Dropping the balls because of ​too much on the to-do list.

How Do We Fix It?

We solve this by auditing your current ​workflow, identifying the core areas of your ​business, and then building out efficient ​templates, workflows, and automations that ​track your company's goals, projects, and ​progress so you can focus on working ON ​your business instead of IN it.

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What Could It Mean?

If you're a solopreneur, you've got a lot on your plate. Wearing all the hats in your business can be overwhelming, this is why we create automated systems that are built to scale – so you can keep growing without the headaches.

Taking the leap from solopreneur to small business owner is tough, and growing your small business can be even more difficult. That's why it's critical to have processes, systems and automations in place – to eliminate the growing pains.

Who Is This For?

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Small Business Owners

Client Reviews

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Next Steps... 


Discovery Call

We'll jump on a quick call and explore your current workflows and your project goals


Game Plan + Strategy

We'll lay out a plan on how we'll solve your bottlenecks & streamline/automate your biz.


Onboarding Call

I'll walk you through the process of working with me and what you can expect moving forward.


Dubsado Built

Sit back and relax while I get to work on building your new, fresh, and organized Dubsaso system.


Short Questionnaire

Answer a few questions about your business and current processes so I can get the full picture.


Offboarding Call

Once our work is complete, we perform the final checks to ensure you're completely satisfied.​

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Here's How I Can Help...

Sujee Baktha is a certified OBM specializing in Dubsado & Asana implementation. She helps online business owners earn more revenue by streamlining their operations, automating processes, and establishing strategic systems for long-term growth without overwhelm or complicated tech.

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Are You Ready to Streamline, Simplify And Scale Your Business?

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